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Ten tips for a better night’s sleep

As I said in my Facebook post recently, if you’re sleep deprived like me, you don’t need an expert to tell you sleep is wonderful. My sleep deprivation is thanks to children waking at all hours, and I know some of you are struggling with this too. I also know many of you are being kept awake at the moment by that other sleep deprivation fiend – the thought horse. Know that one? The thought horse only comes out at about 10pm, just when you’re really to rest. Out she comes, thundering around your head, over thinking things, reassessing the events of the day and making mental notes. And the more you wish her away, the more intense she thunders, right? There are other reasons for being kept...


Men worry about it too

Since my last post on the words 'losing weight', I've had a couple of discussions with colleagues about body image. We've talked about how normal it is to dislike (can I say hate? Sounds so strong) our bodies, and how easy it is to equate what we look like with how we feel. In fact, such is the pervasiveness of body image dissatisfaction in women across the ages that some researchers have called it a “normative” phenomenon. In one study, that included 1,502 American women aged 50 to 64 years, researchers found that more than 70% in this age bracket were currently trying to lose weight* and more than 60% reported that their body weight and shape had an impact on their life. In another study, researchers...