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My Health Revolution
No matter where your organisation is on its wellbeing journey, we can help you develop and implement an innovative, inspiring and practical wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

Build a better workplace in 2020

My Health Revolution, founded by Sarah McGuinness, is a specialist corporate wellbeing consultancy that helps senior leaders to build thriving organisations.

We will work with you to design a wellbeing strategy based on your employees’ and business needs, then support you to implement the strategy so that it delivers the desired results.

We can give you:

  • Real insights into the wellbeing needs of your employees.
  • A bespoke organisational wellbeing strategy, aligned to the goals of your business.
  • Cost-effective implementation support to ensure your strategy achieves results.
  • Industry insights on the latest workplace wellbeing trends.
  • Access to our cutting-edge research and recommendations on need-to-know issues.

We also host the fast-growing Wellness Champions Network. The Network is a group of senior leaders from around the country who meet virtually on a regular basis to share workplace wellbeing knowledge and learn from experts. Keen to join?

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