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Why a fruit bowl is not a wellness plan

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Why a fruit bowl is not a wellness plan

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that wellness at their workplace consisted of a fruit bowl, I’d be able to buy an orchard and go into the fruit business myself.

Obviously, a fruit bowl is not the juiciest segment of a wellness plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a fruit bowl. It’s a great start to supporting employee health.

However, the weekly fruit bowl doesn’t fulfil all of employees’ wellness needs. At best, it’s a tasty starter. At worst, it’s a “tick and flick” taste test that shows a company “cares”.


Go for larger fruit

A fruit bowl can be a bite-sized element of a more substantial strategic approach to wellness. With a more satisfying strategy, you can achieve full organisational change.

Ask yourself the big questions, such as what is the cost of ill health? How can a wellness culture change our business, and what can we achieve when employees are more engaged?

Indeed, how can we foster peak workplace performance through wellness?

Most importantly, ask your employees what best satisfies their wellness needs. When wellness gets personal, businesses achieve better outcomes.

While your fruit bowl may sate the mid-morning munchies, more can be gained via a greater focus on leadership support, workplace policies or the working environment.

Combined in one healthy strategy, much can be made of workplace well-being.

So don’t cancel the fruit bowl, but pause and put those questions to help your business really bear fruit.


What would satisfy your employees’ wellness needs?

If you need some guidance in cutting through to your employees’ core needs, let us help.

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