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Giving back through wellness

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Giving back through wellness

We all have a responsibility to inspire and enable wellbeing in our community. Here’s one idea for your workplace wellbeing programme for 2018.


Wellbeing is not on the agenda

One of the greatest challenges for not-for-profit organisations/social enterprises is that there is very little (or none at all!) money to spend on employee wellbeing.

One colleague from a not-for-profit recently told me that they couldn’t even afford to buy pens for their employees to use. Yet, her organisation works in an area of the community that requires incredible effort, compassion and dedication. They deal with some incredibly complex situations and the staff desperately need some light relief for their own wellbeing.

We know employee wellbeing is critical for organisational and individual success, so it got me thinking about what we could do better from a business perspective to help them.


Help at hand

The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing includes connecting with others, learning something new, giving back, being active and taking notice – and these are all things we can gain from supporting not-for-profits and social enterprises.

As corporate businesses, many of you are already heavily involved in supporting the community in some way, and that deserves recognition.

However, we need to keep reviewing how we can better support these organisations so that they – and us – can continue to flourish at work and home. In many ways, the corporate sector and not-for-profit/social enterprise sector are like siblings in the same family and we need to support each other so that the whole community can thrive.

After all, poor health costs us all.


Planning for 2018

If you’re planning your workplace wellbeing for 2018, consider how you might be able to better support a not-for-profit and/or social enterprise.

One initiative on my radar is Christchurch-based Home and Family’s #pledgeofkindness in the works for 2018. The pledge is designed to be fun, no or low-cost, and easy. All you have to do is get creative and come up with fun ways to raise money. You could throw your dancing shoes on and join in their Dancing with the Stars fundraiser, run a raffle or organise gift boxes for Christmas. Or you could get more creative and try something new. They have a Kindness Toolkit with free resources to download.

Other amazing social enterprises to check out include Auckland-based enterprise Make Give Love and Christchurch-based Krama and Co.

Got ideas or other campaigns to share? We’d love to hear them and share the knowledge around.

Sarah McGuinness