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I AM Co: Day on her plate

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I AM Co: Day on her plate

The cool I AM Co team asked what a normal day of eating looked like for me. It’s about simple food.

When you’re busy juggling work and life with family and friends, in my view, food needs to be easy, satisfying and inexpensive. If you’ve read my blog on body image, you’ll also know that I’m not keen on food labels. If anything, it’s about eating food that’s helpful for your body and occasionally eating food that’s less helpful but still satisfying and fun.

Thanks to the lovely I AM Co team for the opportunity, and check out the I AM Co. blog here! There are some great ideas from others too.


Our approach to eating and meals

If it is of interest, we do one big supermarket shop once per week as a family and everyone can contribute to choosing the week’s meals. We try to plan meals that are super quick with lots of veges, some protein and some complex carbohydrates to ensure we have the brain power to learn and the energy to keep up with pressures of life. Our sugar intake is low and the children know that while sugar has its place in a normal diet, too much makes it harder to learn and gives us a big high and then a big low which isn’t great for getting through the day.  Most importantly, there’s no guilt attached to food and it has no real emotional value. If anything, the value is around what it enables us to do (and that includes being social and enjoying cake with friends!).


Having worked with eating disorders in the past, I’m also very mindful about posting on food and eating behaviour. If you’re looking for ideas around food choices and health, I think the Healthy Food Guide has a great approach. If you feel it would be helpful to talk to someone about your relationship with food (or a loved one’s) then check out the EDANZ website.


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