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Stuff My Sunday: Sarah McGuinness on why self care is not selfish

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Stuff My Sunday: Sarah McGuinness on why self care is not selfish

It was a privilege to chat with Stuff’s Cecile Meier about all things self care, especially at this busy time.

As a recap, here are the five self care tips I shared at the end:

  • Brushing your teeth every day is something we all do for our physical health. What could you do everyday for mental health self-care in the same way so that it becomes a habit? The idea is to make it sustainable, so choosing something simple like reflecting on what has been the best part of your day can be a good place to start.
  • Share self-care with others. Talk to your loved ones about making time for it – together and on your own. If you can support each other to make time to do what restores each of you, then you’ll have more energy for the relationship and be kinder, more empathetic and more adaptable to the challenges that arise day-to-day.
  • While self-care can be about long baths and yoga on the beach, it’s also about going to the doctor to get symptoms checked, taking sick days when you’re not well and asking for help. It’s the bread-and-butter stuff that can prevent burnout and other health issues later on.
  • Build an S.O.S club of people you can reach out to get support when you need it. It might be close friends and family, work colleagues, community support services or groups of like-minded people. What you reach out to them for, might depend on what you’re thinking and feeling. You may need a friendly ear, or time away from a situation. It can be very healing to be surrounded by people who make you feel good about life.
  • Be where your feet are. There are a huge number of distractions these days and so much to think about, it can be hard to be present in the moment. As a working parent, I completely understand how challenging it can be to be totally present. Rather than pressure yourself to do everything all of the time, try and find moments in the day to focus on the here and how. Use the five senses and take a deep breath and pause.

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