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Take care with self care

Self care is one of the most important things you can do for your mental fitness and wellbeing, and for living a balanced life. Yet, I know from my professional and personal experience, most of us struggle to make the time. My goal is to make self care easy.

Check out the list below for easy ways to take care.

Self Care Cards
Self Care Cards

Thoughtful, fun and inspiring, this popular, gorgeous pack of self care cards contains 30 easy ideas for creating five minutes of awesomeness in your life. Pop a pack in your handbag to inspire wellbeing whenever you need it, or pop a pack in the post to someone you love to say “I care”. May they bring you a moment of calm in this crazy, busy world. Take care with self care. #5minsofawesome

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Introducing the Take Care project

The Take Care project is about creating a space to share stories about self care and to provide a warm understanding hug to you, right now. It’s about acknowledging life as it is and about celebrating how remarkable and valuable you are. My hope is that the Take Care project normalises self care for everyone, and makes it all the more possible.  In this crazy, busy world, self care is something we can all do to help us survive and, importantly, thrive.

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Check out the blog

Find ideas here to take care so you can work well, live well and get the most out of life.

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Five Minutes of Awesome (Take Care with Self Care)

Like a “warm, understanding hug”, this workshop is all about recognising the highs and lows of life right now, and celebrating how remarkable and valuable you are. Recognising the need to make self care easy and accessible, this workshop will take you on a journey to discover what self care really is, how to take care when it feels like there isn’t the time, and how to integrate self care into daily life to boost wellbeing now and in the long term. Grounded in psychology, the workshop is based on the success sell-out Sarah McGuinness Self Care Card pack. In this crazy, busy world, self care is something we can all do to help us survive and, importantly, thrive. #5minsofawesome

Perfect for your workplace or group of friends. Please note there are no public workshops currently scheduled. However, we are taking registrations of interest, and would love to hear from you!  Email us now to register your interest.

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I worked with Sarah in and post the Christchurch infrastructure rebuild and found her to be a very engaging, supportive and personable HR and welfare lead while working together. Sarah is an excellent listener and provides superb, helpful advice on welfare and both mental and emotional health, exercising discretion and tact to help those she engages with to navigate the inevitable challenges of professional life as well as to thrive and enjoy the more positive times. I would highly recommend Sarah as an advisor or coach to anyone.
– Chris Wilson, GIS Consultant, SCIRT