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Story behind the self care cards

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Story behind the self care cards

Self care is one of the most important things you can do for your mental fitness and wellbeing, and for living a balanced life.

Yet, I know from my professional and personal experience, most of us struggle to make the time.

Recognising there was a need for a resource that would make self care easy and accessible, I set about designing something I would happily give to friends and family during times of celebration, and times of stress and sorrow.

I wanted the resource to be compassionate, welcoming, thoughtful and practical, and something that could be used anywhere. After much thought, the pack of 30 self care cards was born.

The self care idea on each card is drawn from my psychology background and experience as a wife, mum, friend, colleague, sister, and daughter.

I selected language and activities that captured the five senses and feelings of hope and self compassion, all of which are important for positive mental wellbeing.

My hope is that these cards make self care normal. I hope they provide people with a way to say “I care” when there isn’t the words. I hope they encourage people to reconnect and ask for help. Self care is about building strength, refueling and taking care.

In this crazy, busy world, self care is something we can all do to help us survive and, importantly, thrive.

– Sarah McGuinness

P.S. – The response to the cards has been phenomenal! Thank you to everyone who has supported the movement towards more and better self care. We sold out of the first print run in just under two months, and we’re starting to make waves on the global stage. Check out our inclusion on the I Am & Co website self care tips page.

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Sarah McGuinness