Share your care

FREE beautifully-designed A4 posters to say thank you during these uncertain times.
Digital product: 11x A4 posters 

Say thanks and welcome back

These posters are perfect for work.

Say thank you to your team for their remarkable work and care during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

If your team has been working at home, welcome your team back into the workplace with these heartfelt messages.

Easily printed on an office printer, these posters can be displayed in prominent places including on noticeboards, doors, and entrance-ways.

Five ideas for use

There are lots of ways to use the posters! Here are some ideas to get you started. Of course, only use these ideas if it is safe to do so and use PPE as appropriate.

  • Print the poster as a thank you note and place it with a small gift (such as chocolate) on each person’s desk/work area.
  • Place a poster on the wall (such as ‘thanks for everything’) and invite the team to post a note next to the poster thanking someone for a specific task or action. The wall could be in the office or digital.
  • Email one of the thank you posters to each your team members with a thank you note in the email. Change the poster file name to ‘Just wanted to say…’
  • Create a colourful entrance-way to welcome everyone back. Place the posters in a prominent place to share your welcome back messages.
  • Create a welcome back pack for every team member with some essential supplies of hand sanitizer, coffee/tea and chocolate. Place the poster on the front of the pack with a welcome message from a manager.
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