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Well you did an absolutely brilliant job. We were delighted with how it went and feedback so far has been very, very positive. Thank you for truly listening and considering our requirements and getting it right for our audience. We loved working with you.

Petrina Austin, J Ballantyne & Co Ltd

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Live Your Best Life Workshop                        

60 mins

In this engaging and informative workshop, Sarah shares her father’s powerful personal story on the long term effects of chronic stress and his reflections on what he would have done differently to cope during his working life as a busy executive. Bringing her own corporate experience and her wealth of knowledge in psychology, Sarah also banishes the myth that it’s about achieving equal balance between work and life and she provides participants with tested tips and strategies that they can use now to start creating a happier, healthier life.

Workshop outcomes:

This workshop is a great starting point for, or addition to, any workplace wellness programme. Participants will learn strategies for better work-life fit, reflect on their own work-life views and identify current barriers. By the end for the workshop, participants will have actions they can take away to implement immediately.

This workshop helps organisations to gain a better understanding of the challenges employees face in achieving a healthy, happy life, which can assist in the planning of future wellness initiatives. It works well as a lunch-and-learn session for groups of up to 30 participants.

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Five Minutes of Awesome (Take Care with Self Care)

60 mins

Self care is one of the most important things a person can do for their mental fitness and wellbeing. Yet, I know from my professional and personal experience, most of us struggle to take the time. Recognising the need to make self care easy and accessible for busy professionals, this workshop takes participants on a journey to discover what self care really is, how to take care when it feels like there isn’t the time, and how to integrate self care into daily life to boost wellbeing now and in the long term. Grounded in psychology, the workshop is based on the popular Sarah McGuinness Self Care Card packs. In this crazy, busy world, self care is something we can all do to help us survive and, importantly, thrive. #5minsofawesome


Workshop outcomes:

This workshop works well on its own or as part of a broader conversation about mental wellbeing. It normalises the idea of taking care and reinforces the idea that self care can be done anywhere for little or no cost. Participants leave the session with a personalised self care plan, based on thinking patterns, behaviours and actions that bring moments of joy.

The Sarah McGuinness Self Care Cards can also be purchased for groups of participants at a discounted rate. Please enquire at time of booking.

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Thanks for your contribution to our workshop on Friday. You scored 4/4 from all our participants, so you really did hit the mark.

Karen Treloar, Operations and HR Manager, Golden Healthcare Group

Workshop List

Better Business: How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through Wellbeing                       

90 mins

Wellness starts at the top of an organisation and leadership is crucial to embedding a culture that values health and wellness. In my experience, many organisations offer wellness initiatives but few have harnessed the full opportunity that a wellness culture can offer an organisation, from enhanced employee engagement and improved corporate social responsibility, to greater brand reputation and greater commercial opportunities.

This interactive workshop has been designed to challenge leaders to think about wellness from an organisational, leadership/team and personal perspective.

Drawing on research and real-world New Zealand and Australian examples, this presentation covers the:

  • relationship between wellness and organisational strategy, and factors such as brand reputation, employee engagement and retention, and return on investment.
  • capabilities and demands of a leader to develop and sustain an environment that supports a wellness culture, including being a role model and a gate keeper, reducing barriers and promoting the values of health and wellness.
  • key areas of wellness relevant to those in a leadership role, including mental, physical and social health and the importance of nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep.

Workshop outcomes:

This workshop may be the first step your organisation takes towards a wellness culture, or it could form part of an existing leadership programme bringing your leaders up-to-date information and advice on how to drive a happy, healthy culture.

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Build a Thriving Team Through Wellbeing

4 hrs (half day)

Developing  personal and collective wellbeing is an important part of building a unified, high performance team.  This session explores the relationship between wellbeing and success, and the impact of wellbeing on factors such as team collaboration, work performance and work life fit. It covers the impact of team dynamics on wellbeing and how to best support individual team members. Given that self awareness and emotional intelligence are critical success factors for high performance teams, the session also includes an Myers Briggs Type Indicator© personality report for each participant to help them identify strengths and challenge areas, and similarities and differences within the team. Support your team to flourish through wellbeing.

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Things I Love About You

55 mins

Many women struggle with their body image. Yet, we are all remarkable and worth celebrating. This workshop aims to create a positive and informative discussion about liking the skin you’re in and how to develop a better relationship with your body and all it can do. The workshop can also touch on tips for developing a healthy relationship with food, time permitting. This workshop is based on the work of leading body image expert Susan Paxton and could easy be expanded into a longer series (permission has been provided by Dr Paxton to deliver her evidence-based six-week positive body image course) focusing on developing a healthy sense of self through self-compassion, kindness and real-life practical strategies.

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As someone who works closely with managers and students of management, I think Sarah's approach to personal wellness can offer real value.

Dr Peter Cammock, MBA Director and Director of Executive Development, University of Canterbury

I LOVED the points she touched on. She really helped me put my life into perspective in terms of the different areas where I put my energy most.

Live Your Best Life workshop participant 

Self Care Cards: This year, give the gift that takes care. Dismiss